Get the best from your lawn with our selection of seasonal care services.

Ensure every season your lawn receives the best treatment.


Our Spring feed is designed to bring the lawn out of Winter and provide a deep green colour, also spring is the best time to remove moss and thatch by scarifying.


Our Summer treatment is designed to provide a thick, lush carpet of green.


Our specialist Autumn feed ensures your grass stays healthy while preventing moss thatch and weeds.


As the months become colder we will protect your lawn against moss and fungal diseases with a final low nitrogen feed.

Please contact us to arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements.

At Pullar Horticulture, we offer a selection of lawn care and treatment services to ensure that your lawn receives everything that it needs to thrive.

As every lawn is different we will only make recommendations following a site visit.

In addition, depending on the condition of your lawn you may be advised that a mechanical treatments such as scarifying or aeration may be required.

Attacks from pests or disease will also be discussed and a treatment plan advised.