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Overtime, moss and algae build up can make any surface look dirty and in the need of attention and if left unmaintained, can become slippery and potentially dangerous.

Using the most advanced high pressure cleaning equipment available, we can clean & restore exterior surfaces to a standard that very few companies can match. Our advanced commercial cleansing system will remove dirt, grime, marks, most stains, weeds, moss and algae. We can restore your Decking to it’s former glory and original condition.

We believe in offering excellent value for money and make cleaning your surfaces as hassle-free as possible. Offering a service to suit all budgets, whether you’re a pensioner or a large multi national company, we make your paving and other elements of your exterior cleaner, safer, and easier to maintain between cleans, restoring kerb appeal and a non-hazardous surface for visitors. Not only is maintenance cheaper than replacement, cleaning greatly reduces any potential claim as a result of someone slipping and injuring themselves.


Before we actually start the cleaning, inspect the entire deck thoroughly. Which areas collect the most dirt? Which area should we start from in order to finish the quickest? Plan how to go about cleaning the deck so that we can keep all the cleaning agents ready before we start.


Next comes the washing of the deck. We use a good sprayer along with a lot of soap and scrub the entire deck, including the deck railing and steps. At this stage ensure that the deck has been cleaned properly and we have scrubbed off all the mildew, other particles.


Once the washing stage is over, we use a hose to give the deck a gentle rinse. This will help us wash out all the soap and dirt that is left on the deck. Once this step is complete, we will be left with a clean deck and then we can let it dry in the sun.