Professionally pruned, expertly shaped

Trees, shrubs and fruit when pruned correctly look great and are productive but you may find them harder to manage than you first thought.


With decades of experience between us we confidently provide specialist pruning to protect, maintain and enhance.

Whether your aim is to grow more fruit, reduce in size, shape or just remove dead or diseased material Pullar Horticulture can do this for you.

We not only ensure your garden looks better but continues to look vibrant year on year.

Using specialist equipment we trim, shape and transform your hedges and shrubs into unique manageable features of your garden.


Pruning is the removal of living or dead parts of trees and plants.

Tree pruning operations are the most frequently practiced of all tree works to achieve a wide range of objectives.

These objectives may relate to the structural integrity of a tree, the safety of property and people, access or light, fruit or flower production or simply for aesthetics .

From natural dieback to damage caused by weather or pests and diseases can seriously affect a plants growth or integrity.

All pruning works are properly planned and executed to reduce the probability of risk to people, property or the plant its self.

Why Different Types Of Pruning Services

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is the pruning of growth of a tree or shrub in its youth to result in an appearance considered typical for the species or variety of tree concerned. It is normally carried out to young trees with the aim of promoting safe, strong, healthy and well-balanced trees without defects when they become mature.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the removal of all dead, dying or diseased wood, including broken branches or stubs left from previous surgery and where dead wood is cut back to a suitable healthy branch junction.


Crown lifting is the removal of lower grown and branches to increase clearance beneath the canopy and the ground.


Thinning is the removal of live woody branches from within the crown to reduce its density leaving a balanced tree with even growth throughout.

Crown Reduction & Reshaping

This is the removal of outer branches back towards the main truck to suitable growth points, to reduce the crown’s overall size. Reducing the crown alleviates stress and can add to the life expectancy of the tree.

Crown Cleaning

A remedial operation for the removal of all defects i.e. dead wood, diseased, crossing, rubbing branches, etc.

Ivy Severance/Removal

The severance of Ivy at the base of a tree by the removal of portions of the living stem to avoid the possibility of grafting. This will allow the ivy to die off gradually.


Coppicing is the removal of all growth of a tree or shrub to a point close to ground level. Stumps are left with the objective of producing a quantity of vigorous basal shoots from the retained stump.


This is the removal of all the growth of a tree back to the main stem with the objective of producing a quantity of vigorous shoots from the head.