A weed is after all a plant growing in the wrong place. Weeds like other plants in the garden grow and before you know it your paving, fence and building lines have soon become entangled in weeds and weed grasses. Then starts the task of trying to get rid of the weeds in their new environment. Do you strim them, hoe them out, burn them or ignore them and hope that they die off in the winter?

Weed Killers are really useful management tools and implementing a structured program of weed control will save you not only a high labour charge, the cost of repairs to pathways, fences and buildings but also reduce the risk of fire in weed contaminated areas.

The world of pesticides or herbicides as they are correctly called is best left to those who know about the many active ingredients and modes of actions. Weed control has become a little more complicated with some really good chemicals having been withdrawn. Correct identification of the target crop, selection of weed control product and timing of application are critical if the weeds are going to die.

Weed control techniques include removing weeds by hand pulling, hoeing and application of herbicide and also prevention of weed growth by application of residual herbicide which prevents weed seed germination.

In addition to general weed control we also offer the following specialist weed control services

  • Selective chemical weed control on turf
  • Preventative weed control on certain types of hard surfaces using residual herbicides
  • Eradication of scrub and brushwood using herbicides
  • Control of noxious weeds including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.